130T-Smart safety warning rear tail light bike tail-lamp
Wisdom rush stop warning. Upgrade your riding safety!

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USB charging
IP66 waterproof
10 hrs endurance
29"/27.5" E-bike Frame
Customized Frame and Wheelset for all kinds of bicycle.

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Alloy & Carbon material
Design, manufacture, paint
One-stop integration

The smarter choice for short and medium commuters.

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LED light & Disc brake
Max. speed: 25 km/h
Max. travel range: 60 km

Our products have been strictly checked

Spoke tension checking

Carbon rim pressure test

Auto V H checking

Take Care Of Every Steps...

MULTI-FUNCTION STAND for indoor schematic diagram

To make the place more efficiently ,we give it a try,
let the bike upright , then...
How about my cycling belongings?
let the stand with some hooks!
Finally,it comes true !!!

You just need a corner,
easily stored indoor without taking up space.

Now all my cycling belongings , bike , helmet , gloves,
bags ,shoes and so on....
all things keep straight and neat !

Check how it works ?
Always Ahead
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